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About Us

    We are The Acclaimed Showroom Plumbing and Bath Plus Products established in 2006, located in Northern Virginia - 8621 Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22031-.  We are Specialized in Home Improvement services and Bathroom/  Kitchen/ Basement Remodeling, we have an excessive collection of remodeling products with a wide variety of styles, sizes, and accessories.  Our team is dedicated to customer service and providing them with the perfect product for their remodeling project.  Our products provide the customer with a wide range of choices, and have unique characteristics that you cannot find at your local Home Improvement warehouses. 

    We decided to make our products available internationally after so many customers expressed their appreciation for them.  We did not want locality to be a deciding factor for whether or not people had access to such marvelous, unique pieces of furniture.  Although we love helping customers in our area, we really wanted to reach out to those all over the country so that they may experience the comfort that our products provide.




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